Eva-Dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier Review

Eva-Dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier ReviewThe Eva-Dry Electric Petite is a small, compact dehumidifier that uses the Peltier Technology, meaning it has no compressor which invariably makes it lighter and quieter. The unit is ideal for bathrooms, closets or small sized rooms that have a humidity problem and help preserve clothes and shoes that are often damaged by molds and mildews.

This small dehumidifier is often advertised as “almost silent”. It does, however have a fan and some users have commented on the fan noise that many find intrusive. The Eva-Dry has a low electricity consumption but in absolute terms it is much less energy efficient than medium or large units. It should be mentioned that when the Eva-Dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier is used in a closet it will need a permanent electricity supply so a power cable will have to be run from the closet to a power socket, which means having to leave the closet door slightly open, therefore making it harder for the unit to dehumidify more efficiently.

Eva-Dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier Review

The Eva-Dry comes with a switch that automatically turns the unit off once the water container is full and needs to be emptied. This units container can hold approximately 16 oz. of water, making it easy to remove and empty in a sink or outside. Because of its small size, care must be taken when removing the water bucket to avoid spillage.

• Small and light
• Whisper Quiet
• Energy Efficient
• It is an environmentally friendly product
• Eliminates odors and fungus

• Small water bucket
• Not recommended for basements


The Eva-Dry is a Mini Dehumidifier will help keep the humidity level to a minimum and maintain the freshness and comfort of the room or closet. This unit is not designed for flooded basements or places with permanent water damage. Its best use is in a bathroom and closet because it’s optimized with features to be low on power consumption, quiet, and effective for small areas.

With a 3.5 out of 5 star rating at Amazon.com, the Eva-Dry Electric Petite has a number of unhappy users. Some felt it didn’t dehumidify as effectively as expected, while others that it was a bit noisier than advertised. The vast majority however, did have positive things to say about this small unit.

This Eva-Dry Electric is very popular with people with RV’s (Recreational Vehicles) and a recommended choice for small spaces like bathrooms or closets. For medium or larger sized rooms, it is best to opt for a larger unit.

Frigidaire FAD504TDD 50 Pint Dehumidifier Review

Frigidaire FAD504TDD 50 Pint DehumidifierAtt. The highly appraised Frigidaire FAD504TDD Dehumidifier is no longer available after being slowly phased out of the market since May 2012. It has been substituted by the NEW Frigidaire FAD504DUD unit which is the current 50 pint dehumidifier model that replaces the FAD504TDD in the Frigidaire range.

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The new FAD504DUD maintains all the great features of the FAD504TDD model, while adding some improvements that include: A more compact design (weighs 1 pound more and is a slightly larger), has a different looking but very user-friendly Electronic Controls Panel and is a little quieter, at least according to the many Customer Reviews.

When the FAD504DUD was introduced in May 2011, it had problems with a faulty continuous drainage system. Frigidaire was able to fix this problem with a new drainage kit and now the new model is one of the top selling Dehumidifiers in Amazon.

Apart from the improvements mentioned above, everything else is identical, so the Dehumidifier review (below) of the “phased out” Frigidaire FAD504TDD still applies to the new model, Frigidaire FAD504DUD 50 Pint Dehumidifier, which has been in the market since the Spring of 2011.

Read the full Dehumidifier Review of the OLDER Frigidaire FAD504TDD Dehumidifier Model below:

The Frigidaire FAD504TDD Dehumidifier is an Energy Star rated unit that could filter out up to 50 pints of water per day from your home. This Frigidaire unit comes with an Effortless Full Tank Alert System that will automatically shut off the unit when the bucket is full, letting you know that it’s time to empty it. The splash guard and carry handle make emptying the water really easy. As an alternative you can attach a hose to the FAD504TDD and allow a continuous discharge of water to a nearby drain, avoiding the need to unload the water container manually.

The Frigidaire FAD504TDD Dehumidifier weighs 39 pounds and is fitted with four caster wheels as well as three carrying handles; one on top and the other two at the sides to make it easy to move the unit around the different rooms or basement in the house. The Frigidaire FAD504TDD has a full-function electronic control panel, featuring an easily accessible collection container with level indicator as well as a washable clean filter that removes moisture, harmful bacteria and allergens, helping to keep the air in your home smelling fresh and clean.

The Frigidaire FAD504TDD 50 pint Dehumidifier has an adjustable humidistat that helps you control the amount of air that the unit sucks in to be dehumidified, allowing it to increase or decrease the level of humidity in the range 35% to 85%. The most comfortable level for most people is about 50%, give or take 5%.

This feature is important as it helps to save energy by switching the dehumidifier’s compressor off once the desired relative humidity is reached. But even though the compressor switches off, the fan will continue running in order to provide a flow of air for the humidistat so that it can sense the humidity in the room and will “know” when to re-start the compressor.

Another important feature on the Frigidaire FAD504TDD is auto-defrost. This will stop the refrigeration process by stopping the compressor. The main purpose of auto-defrost is to protect the dehumidifier from damage. A sensor detects the formation of ice on the cold coil and turns off the compressor. The fan keeps running and the flow of ambient air melts the ice. This is normal in dehumidifiers with this feature and is regarded as a safety feature that should also prolong the life of the FAD504TDD.

Frigidaire FAD504TDD Product Features and Functions

Frigidaire FAD504TDD Product Features


  • Adjustable Humidistat for easy Humidity Control settings of 35 to 85%
  • Large 17-pint water collection container for a mid-sized dehumidifier
  • Energy Star Qualified for good energy efficiency
  • Auto-Defrost which allows continuous operation in low temperatures
  • Continuous drainage, avoids frequently emptying water container manually
  • Air purification filter that can be easily cleaned
  • Good value for money


  • Water collection bucket tricky to empty – if you read the instructions, it clearly says to squeeze in the sides of the bucket gently in order to remove
  • No adjustment to the vent airflow is possible, though this isn’t a major issue
  • Has no Auto-restart after power failure


The Frigidaire FAD504TDD 50 pint Dehumidifier is an excellent choice for small to medium sized areas up to 1000 sq ft in your home or apartment. Being an Energy Star compliant unit, means it will save you up to 20% on your electric bills. Most users that reviewed the FAD504TDD found it to be a relatively quiet, portable and effective dehumidifier with all the necessary features and capability needed to dehumidify your damp basement or any part your home.

Amazon customers who have submitted dehumidifier reviews, have given the Frigidaire FAD504TDD Dehumidifier a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, a testament of their satisfaction with the performance of this 50 Pint unit.

For these reasons and all the good features it comes with, we are happy to recommend the Frigidaire FAD504TDD, for being excellent value for money and one of the Top 3 medium–sized Portable Dehumidifiers for home in the market.

If you need a more powerful machine then you should seriously consider its bigger brother, the Frigidaire FAD704TDP 70 pint Dehumidifier, our #1 choice as the Best Dehumidifier for your home.